(2021) Das Magazin | June 2021:
A selection of 5 photos of the art project “Vulnerable Strength” find their presentation in renowned “Das Magazin”.
“Das Magazin” is a monthly released publication enjoying great attraction since its first release in 1924. (www.dasmagazin.de)

(2020) Nacht der Kunst | Leipzig | September 2020:
“Nacht der Kunst – the Art Festival at Georg-Schumann-Strasse“ is an annual art festival with a special touch. The 11th iteration of the festival included approximately 60 exhibitions and galleries with about 200 artists and created a “mile of art” for thousands of art lovers alongside Georg-Schumann-Strasse in Leipzig, Germany.
“Vulnerable Strength”-project received a great and valuable display in a medical practice of a high appreciated friend, that night. (www.ndk-leipzig.de)
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